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Picture of Akam Rahimi
Strike Action
by Akam Rahimi - Thursday, 3 July 2014, 03:15 PM

As you may be aware, a number of unions are planning to take industrial action on Thursday 10th July 2014. The form that this action will take place is a one day strike for both teachers and support staff, affecting schools across England and Wales. As a result this means that, unfortunately, we will not have a full cohort of teachers or premises staff to open and lock up the academy. Therefore we will have to cancel all evening classes at Chalky Road site.  

Please note Foredown Tower, The Sports Centre and Boundary Road are not affected and classes will run as usual.

I apologize for this unavoidable inconvenience.

Nick Fenn
Vice Principle PACA Adult Learning

Picture of Akam Rahimi
Adult learner of the year
by Akam Rahimi - Friday, 20 June 2014, 01:02 PM
We are proud to celebrate our Adult Learner of the year, Mariko Mott was presented with her award by the mayor of Brighton at the annual Adult Learner Awards ceremony, held at the Brighthelm Community Centre on Thursday 19th June 2014.

Mariko Mott
Mariko with Nick Fenn, Vice Principal of PACA Adult Learning

This is what her tutor Veronica Arias said about Mariko:

"I have known Mariko Mott for the past year. Mariko has always challenged herself academically. She is an active participant in class discussions, and grasps material quickly. She has superb written and verbal skills that are a pleasure for any teacher to encounter. 

Mariko is a hardworking lady who has made excellent progress this year.  She always works to the best of her ability and produces good work in class. She participates in all activities with encouragement and is able to work both independently and within a group. To progress with her Spanish, Mariko is always looking for ways to extend her work by using previously learned language to develop her creativity. I feel Mariko should continue with Spanish at AS as I believe she will achieve a very pleasing grade and become an excellent Spanish teacher."

Tutor: Verónica Arias
Picture of Akam Rahimi
New Prospectus
by Akam Rahimi - Monday, 16 June 2014, 02:16 PM
In this prospectus I am sure you will find a course near you at our state-of-the-art facilities on Chalky Road, Portslade Learning Centre at the heart of Portslade on Boundary Road, or
Foredown Tower at the foot of the beautiful South Downs.

Our facilities are second to none and whether you wish to continue your studies with us or to take those first steps back into learning after time away, our tutors have the passion and drive to make your learning a wonderful experience.

The prospectus is organised into 2 sections. In the first section you can find accredited courses to help you progress to further learning, university, work or to help you improve your career prospects. The second section contains a diverse range of courses for interest and personal development from ukulele to yoga. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, so whether you simply want to develop a new interest and make friends or get that qualification to get your career or university aspirations on track, we have a range of fabulous learning opportunities to help you aspire, achieve and advance.

Nick Fenn,
Vice Principal, PACA Adult Learning